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8 Book Bundle

8 Book Bundle

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The first 8 books in the 13 Reasons for Murder series in a single bundle!


In the bustling streets of Tampa, Britney Cage isn’t just collecting connections—she's harvesting power. From the glittering heights of her successful business empire to the depths of her chilling obsession, Britney navigates the social scene with a sinister edge.

In her world, every encounter is a potential pawn in her game of dominance. As she effortlessly charms her way through high society, Britney's true nature remains hidden behind a facade of glamour and ambition. But behind closed doors, she prowls as Florida’s most cunning predator.

In this gripping tale of wealth, influence, and deception, follow Britney Cage as she teeters on the edge between success and savagery. With each page turned, you’ll be drawn deeper into her deadly game, wondering who will be her next unwitting prey. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of the alpha female, and hold your breath as Britney's darkest secrets unravel before your eyes.


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