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(#7) 13 Reasons for Murder: Disillusioned

(#7) 13 Reasons for Murder: Disillusioned

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Life couldn’t be sunnier for Florida’s deadliest serial killer, Britney Cage.

Her business is booming, her relationship with Stu the cop has deepened, and she’s already stalking her next victim.

Never before in a lifetime of chaos and discombobulation has Britney felt, well, this good. Life with Stu is a continuous loop of laughter, loving intimacy, and a level of trust she’s never felt in another living soul. Stu defers to her every need, and for the first time Britney feels like she’s the focus of another person’s whole world.

Outwardly, she seems to have it all, and like any serial killer worth their weight in entrails, Britney plays her part well. But there’s trouble lurking in the crawlspace of Britney’s still-twisted mind. This newly evolving normal, this supposedly ideal picture of success in love and life, now affords her an unprecedented level of control—over her business, over her man, over her victims.

Like any sadistic psychopath, Britney loves the control, but as she begins to cede pieces of herself to someone else for the first time in her life, she wonders: Will a real relationship filled with real love cause her to turn from her dark, murderous needs? Is that love big enough to fill the hole inside her that she’s so far tried to fill up with dead bodies?

In this latest chapter of author Amanda Byrd’s 13 Reasons for Murder Series, Florida’s favorite serial killer is back on the streets and sharpening her knives. Better read fast, or she just might get you next.


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