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(#6) 13 Reasons for Murder: Betrayal

(#6) 13 Reasons for Murder: Betrayal

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Life should be all sunshine and sandy beaches for Florida’s deadliest serial killer.

After all, Britney Cage has everything she’s ever wanted: a vibrant career, the man of her dreams—and a body count stacked higher than a Tampa condo.

Strangely, though, Britney’s unease seems to spring from those unwieldy pieces of her life finally snapping into place.

First, there’s her boyfriend, a hunky cop who claims he’s into murder as much as she is. And he wants to help her with her next kill.

Second, another reason for her ennui: her latest victims, a smug, snooty couple whose blood Britney has wanted to spill for years, after they betrayed her trust and generosity. Britney wants desperately to bag a double kill, but a second victim poses entirely new challenges—and a greater chance she’ll get caught.

Can she take down two victims at once? Will her cop boyfriend be as much help as he promises? And what about the other local police?

Will her uniformed boyfriend be enough to throw detectives off her trail, or will his enthusiasm and inexperience combine to spell her doom?

Author Amanda Byrd is back with the latest installment in her gripping saga about the deadly alchemy of love, lust, and bloodlust. Britney Cage might be the alpha female of the species, but everyone’s luck runs out eventually...


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