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(#5) 13 Reasons for Murder: Bad Blood

(#5) 13 Reasons for Murder: Bad Blood

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Even serial killers get the blues. Instead, Florida’s deadliest is in a funk.

Despite the thrill of a fresh hunt, Britney Cage’s personal life is as dead as her last victim.

It’s been weeks since she’s heard from Stu, the handsome cop whose love promised something approaching a normal life. The same cop who walked out right after she confessed her darkest secret.

Britney should stay out of sight until she knows whether Stu will keep his mouth shut. Maybe even take a long vacation to some island no one’s ever heard of.

But the tension between her broken heart and her raging bloodlust forces Britney back into the same old habits that might finally land her on death row.

So much for that work-life-death balance.

In this latest book in her popular 13 Reasons for Murder series, author Amanda Byrd again peers into the twisted, tortured mind of a murderer who can’t stop herself no matter the cost to everyone around her.


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