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(#4) 13 Reasons for Murder: Hungry

(#4) 13 Reasons for Murder: Hungry

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Emotions are a terrible thing for serial killers to have.

Britney Cage’s emotions are getting in the way—of her friendships, of her relationship with the sexy cop she’s dating, of her plans to track and kill her next victim.

Florida’s most dangerous serial killer might have outsmarted the authorities for years, but she can’t escape the nagging desire to live something more closely resembling a normal life.

Unfortunately, that life will never come unless she can confess the truth of who she really is to those closest to her. Not much chance of that, though, with the police officer who’s steadily working his way into her heart. He’d either arrest her or shoot her on the spot if he ever found out.

Worse yet, it’s getting harder to tamp down her urge to kill. And that tug of war between her lust for blood and her need to come clean about it is threatening to tear her apart and land her on death row before she can figure out her next step.

In her fourth installment of the popular 13 Reasons for Murder series, author Amanda Byrd again draws back the veil on the dark inner turmoil driving the most lethal serial killer in Florida history.


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