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(#2) 13 Reasons for Murder: Meathead

(#2) 13 Reasons for Murder: Meathead

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Florida's deadliest serial killer has hit a dry spell, and almost unbelievably, her love life is to blame.

Despite the obvious danger to her, Britney Cage has somehow collected a boy toy who also happens to be a cop. And she can't make a move without him constantly on her tail.

That means no hunting for her next victim, no planning her next exotic murder...nothing but fending off all this unwanted attention as her appetites threaten to consume her.

Deep down, Britney knows that sleeping around with the enemy has got to end--and fast. She's a hunter for god's sake, and the time since her last kill has now stretched into months.

She's already picked her next victim, but can she plan a murder while disposing of her full-time pest of a lover?

Something in Britney's world has got to give--before her hunger to kill again destroys the carefully constructed public image of a successful entrepreneur she's worked years to build.


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