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(#1) 13 Reasons for Murder: Politeness Kills

(#1) 13 Reasons for Murder: Politeness Kills

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Britney Cage collects people.

From her friends to her clients to the thousands of employees her temp agency places throughout Tampa, Britney obsessively sifts through humanity in search of the ones who might—in some way or other—prove useful to her.

This compulsion has served her well. A young, successful businesswoman, Britney routinely hobnobs with the rich and powerful, making fans and amassing power at every rung up the ladder.

Still, amid nights out with friends and lavish, sparkling parties with clients, there’s always one person who seems just out of reach: her next victim.

This beautiful, audacious entrepreneur just also happens to be Florida’s deadliest serial killer. And she’s getting better all the time.

Meet the alpha female of the species. She’s doing her best to keep her deadly obsession under wraps, but it’s anyone's guess if Britney’s demons will devour her along with who’s next on her kill list.In this latest chapter of author Amanda Byrd’s 13 Reasons for Murder Series, Florida’s favorite serial killer is back on the streets and sharpening her knives. Better read fast, or she just might get you next.


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